Planning Tiger Global Services A Pioneer in Web Services and Solutions.

Web Design

We are providing All major services in When talking about graphic website design we stand out amongst most of the professional website design companies in India, providing affordable web design services and at the same have custom web designing solutions that address your specific need.

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Web Development

Content Management Systems A regularly updated and timely enhanced site is going to have newer content which will encourage customers to revisit, resulting in increased revenue opportunities. The Internet forced business experts to more rapidly maintain and update information for their websites.

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Domain & Hosting

Our Plans provides an excellent solution for hosting a small site. If you are just starting off with a simple static or small dynamic website, then this is the plan for you. As your website grows you can seamlessly upgrade to a larger plan without downtime or penalty fees.

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Our Services

Strategy & Consulting

Find and engage with great candidates to build the right talent pipeline. Represent your brand beautifully.

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Ecommerce Design

Make great hiring decisions by enabling a collaborative hiring process that pulls in the right perspectives.

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Responsive Design

Continue to increase impact by understanding agency and job board spend as well as pipeline progress.

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